Old Manchega winery

In the farm, we maintain a typical Manchega winery where we can know the ancient oenological techniques used before to make the fermentation and aging of the wine of La Mancha in earthen jars. The use of this material before to the arrival of steel was due to the fact that the mud does not bring flavors or aromas foreign to the wine as it happens with aging in wood.

In our typical La Mancha winery near Ciudad Real, you will be able to know the benefits or advantages that the aging in clay amphora produced. This material gives the wine an excellent natural micro-oxygenation produced by capillarity, which will be gradual and not aggressive. There is also the phenomenon of evaporation (effect botijo) that causes a greater concentration of the wine, causing an increase of its alcoholic, body and substance.


Agricultural work performed in the Dehesa Galiana develops both rainfed and irrigated with different crops.

In addition, on the farm we have a sheep farm. With the milk of our purebred Manchega sheep we elaborate in the Dehesa Galiana cheese under the Denomination of Origin Queso Manchego.

Know all the necessary steps in the elaboration of Manchego Cheese with its characteristics that differentiate it and make it so precious and recognized for its flavor, aroma and consistency.

Horse Riding

The routes horse riding is ideal to get to know the natural surroundings of our farm and Ciudad Real. Horse rides are suitable for all riders, even for the most inexperienced, as they are performed in a soft environment and do not require any physical effort. Horse riding is an experience that children love, which can be accompanied by their family. Other times couples are given horse rides to spend a romantic weekend in Ciudad Real.

You can check our available schedules and rates for horse riding during your stay at the Dehesa Galiana.

Bike Rental

For our guests, we offer bikes for rent, ideal to take bike riding around our farm and enjoy the nature pedaling with family.

Or if you prefer, you can forget the car and take a bike and go to see Ciudad Real by bike. Torre Galiana is located 12 km from the center of Ciudad Real, so you can ride through its streets and monuments without worrying about the parking of your vehicle.

You can check our available times and rates for renting bicycles during your stay at the Dehesa Galiana.

Private Hunting Reserve

In Finca Dehesa Galiana you will find a private hunting reserve in Ciudad Real. In this way, we offer you during your stay in our Rural Accommodation Torre Galiana, enjoy with your friends the hunting in “Monteria” on the farm, with areas of cereal, oaks and ponds, where you can hunt the wild pig. If you prefer, thanks our landscape, we offer the hunting of partridge.

From October to February, the fast flight of the partridge is felt between the closed mountain. Because hunting partridges are always organized between the mountain and hills, hunting partridges in Ciudad Real in the Dehesa Galiana is a challenge for hunters. You can also spend a pleasant day of rabbit hunting in Ciudad Real with friends and enjoy our private hunting reserve with its unique landscape to hunt rabbits with or without dogs.


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